Historical reenactment group Slovensko

Reenactment group "Slovensko" is a non-political organization, whose members are interested in military history. It was estabilished and registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic on August 26, 2009.

The overall aims of the group are organizing and participating in reenactment and living history events, memorial ceremonials, history research and documentation, collectibles, visiting memorable places, exhibitions and conference. We also cooperate with professional historians and organize meetings with veterans for schoolchildren.
Our group focuses on military history of the Slovak republic and its predecessors. Our members portray mostly Red army and Slovak army soldiers from World war 2 era, but you can see some of us acting as guerilla fighters or German Wehrmacht as well. The main topic of our reenactment events is Slovak national uprising (1944) and liberation of territory of Slovakia (1944-1945). All uniforms, weapons and equipment are our in personal possession.

We are a non-political and non-profit organization. Our group does not support, condone, or allow any activity which could bring discredit on its members or the soldiers we portray. We do not tolerate nor allow any neo-nazi nor extremist activity of any kind.

Contact us:

Klub vojenskej histórie Slovensko
Na Revíne 13
831 01 Bratislava

ID #: 42177308